LACSOrganic Cares

We care about people.

At LACSOrganic, we care about people and we are not only looking to make the next sale but to be a positive contributor to sustainable entrepreneurial development  for minorities in the US and for people in developing countries.  We patronize and support artisans who help build their resources and infrastructure in their communities.  Through these partnerships, revenue from out sales contributes to charities that build schools and feed children in several countries and areas on the African continent.  LACSOrganic supports other minority owned small businesses. 

We care about fairness.

LACSOrganic promotes buying with a conscious through our support of Fair Trade. Supporting fair trade ensures that farmers and artisans receive fair compensation for their work.  Fair trade practices help to minimize the footprint we leave in the environment.   

We care about quality and authenticity.

LACSOrganic work with natural, organic goods to produce quality shea butter products.  We source products made with the highest quality for butters, soaps, clothing and instruments.