Treat Your Feet to Bliss!!!

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Foot Bliss - Reflexology

A long work week, being on your feet for long periods, drumming for hours or simply the customary stress involved in meeting daily obligations can leave feet, hands in need of some healing attention.  That is where I found myself last Friday but then a shared Uber ride brought me to one of those moments where you realize that there are no coincidences and introduced me to a truly gifted reflexology practicioner from Foot Bliss, based in Atlanta, Georgia.  

More than just a relaxing treat for your feet or hands, Foot Bliss reflexology
is an alternative medicinal practice using a system of reflex areas on the feet or hands that correspond to other parts of the body. Skilled practicioners use specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to apply pressure that may effect changes in the body.  The application of pressure to the reflex areas of the feet has an anesthetic effect on other areas of the body. It can provide effective therapy for various conditions.  



  Reflexology is not foot or hand massage.  It's so much more.  Click on   Foot Bliss to get more information on the services. 


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