The Key of The Nile


Contemporary Afrocentric jewelry and tattoos often make use of the ankh because of its connections to ancient culture, life and the afterlife, as well as its religious connotations.

Art from Egypt often shows the ankh being held by gods.  It was believed that gods used the ankh to grant the gift of eternal life to pharaohs and members of the royal family. They were thought to do this by holding the ankh to the noses of deceased royalty.

Wooden Ankh pendants and Silver/Brass Pendants Cuffs can make a bold statement and the use of the ankh was very popular in ancient Egypt, too.  People often displayed it in the design of everyday objects.  It is found on a mirror in King Tut's tomb.  Other art shows people who have just died holding the ankh by the hook like a type of key to the other world.

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