Taking Bold Steps Forward

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Boldly stepping forward to meet a greater self.  That is the mission. 

Liam Avanti Culture Supplies (LACS) steps forward each day to add rhythm and beauty to the world by sharing the healing music of the djembe.  LACS sources handmade African djembe, and provides candles, African soaps and other authentic hand-crafted goods.  Organic, hand-crafted goods keep us connected to mother earth and to the artists who create them.  LACS aims to facilitate connections for as many people as possible. 


Djembe are not only beautiful but they hold a special place in the history of Africa and the peoples of Africa. The drums are often used in contemporary entertainment but have roots in festivals, celebrations and communication throughout Africa and the world. Organic djembe keep us connected to that great earth-beat.


LACS supports partner-oriented growth and sustainable, professional development.  We support small business, Buying Black and minority entrepreneurship.  Purchases of drums and other products through our site support economic development of the working craftsmen in Africa, meals for children in Africa and makes a difference in the lives of street children and orphans. 

African Soaps  

African soaps are gentle and less harsh on skin than store bought soap.
Moisturize your skin without leaving your pores clogged. Global Mamas soaps are handmade in Ghana from pure unrefined shea butter. Nubian Heritage Soaps are natural products from traditional African recipes with organic and fair trade ingredients.


LACS acts with integrity and we work to spread love, light and peace.

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