Stop Using This ~ish On Your Skin!

 Conventional lotions and skin care products are often packed full of chemicals that are simply not good for your skin. I took a look at three of the most common chemical compounds that the industrial giants ask us to put on our largest and extremely vital organ. These include paraffin - used in candles, polishes, waterproofing compounds, propylene glycol - a synthetic compound mostly used to produce polymers and sodium laurel sulfate - a synthetic detergent used in cleaning products as a foaming agent. 


Shea Butter has been traditionally produced for centuries.  The natural process for making the butter avoids use of any chemicals and can be traced down through the ages in ancient Africa. 

Shea Butter is said to reduce wrinkles, soften skin, remove stretch marks and provide skin nourishment in a natural and affordable way. 

Get hydration and skin protection from this time-tested body butter! 



*I sourced various articles on the internet to write this post including Wikipedia, Huffington Post article from 06/10/2015 tittled "What The Heck Is Paraffin Wax, And Why Is It In Beauty Products?", Tanya Rayfords blog post on the benefit of using African Shea butter.

**I am not medically trained nor certified to give medical advice. Contact your doctor for a professional opinion on treating specific skin ailments. 

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