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"If a man never shaved his beard, it would grow 30-40 feet." 

No need to worry.  Rochelle Avanti has got you covered! The master groomer not only gives the perfect hair cut but she follows up with professional grooming services including shampoo, shave, facial cleansing and massage. Rochelle Avanti has a talent for giving excellent, meticulous care for each of her clients. She takes pride in her craft.

 Rochelle Avanti has been providing grooming services since she was 15 years of age. She studied her craft at Central Georgia Technical College and has a chair at Groom Theory Full Service Barbershop on Mercer University Blvd in Macon.  

See pictures of her work on StyleSeat where you can Book appointments with Rochelle Avanti.

It's not just the incredible skill and precision of her clippers that set Rochelle Avanti apart from typical barbers. It's also the unique, high quality customer service she lavishes on each client. After receiving the closest shave of my life this past weekend, Rochelle Avanti treated me to a face cleansing and massage using men's grooming cleanser and massage gel from Queen Helene. While she worked her magic, there were moments when I couldn't tell if I was floating or if the everything else in the room had become jelly.  Afterwards my skin felt renewed, refreshed and smooth.

The process:  

1. Book it on StyleSeat.  

2. Go to Groom Theory Full Service Barbershop to receive flawless and careful hair, mustache and beard grooming.

3. Relax and enjoy a deep pore opening cleanse, as Rochelle Avanti uses hot towels, creme and massage gel to ease away signs of age and tired, dry skin!

Holiday Gift Idea:  Gift Certificates For Hair Cut, Shave, Rest Facial (cleansing and massage)

With the holiday season at hand, I'm thinking of a few people I could purchase gift certificates for so they can experience Rochelle Avanti's magic, too.  Gift certificates can be purchased by calling Rochelle Avanti at Groom Theory (478-250-4929). Gifting her services would be giving your friend or loved one a chance to participate in an incredibly rejuvenating session that elevates the barbershop experience to a completely new level.

Check out video clips of Rochelle Avanti's masterful hands taking years of mistreatment, dryness and aging away from my face.  



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