Pain Relief, Relaxation And EXERCISE BENEFITS From Dead Sea Salt Bath!

One week into implementing my latest diet and exercise plan, I came across the most incredible information! Hot baths in Dead Sea Salt not only help to relax the body and mind while soothing tired muscles and healing various skin conditions but they also provide benefits equal to a 30-minute walk. That's right. Sitting in a hot tub of water can be considered a valid part of an exercise routine!!  This is phenomenal cause I know I can do this three times a week or more.  

Bathing improves health in a similar way as a burning calories from a brisk walk because of the effects of passive heating which have now been studied and scientifically proven to benefit health. Loughborough University in the UK compared men who were asked to either sit for a long hot soak or cycle for an hour. The men experienced a 1 degree body temperature increase over the hour of activity. Tests measured blood sugar levels and calories burned.

Sitting in the hot bath burned about half as many calories as cycling.  That's like talking a half hour walk and burning 140 calories! Blood sugar responses were similar but 10% lower after eating for bathing participants.  Anti-inflammatory response after bathing was also similar to the effect of exercise. The anti-inflammatory response helps boost immune system and eases chronic inflammation which can contribute to long-term illnesses.  Hot sea salt baths can also ease pain from fybromyalgia and arthritis.

These results are backed up by various research elsewhere. Passive heat from bathing has been shown to improve cardiovascular function, reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. Combine that with the health benefits of Dead Sea Salt and you've got a winning combination for improving health and relaxing. 

I've already been turning my bath tub into a bath salt sanctuary but I'm even more in love with hot sea salt baths now. I just may get bodied for summer after all! Read the article I saw on benefits of hot baths here. And, get your Dead Sea Bath Salts from LACS!



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