Cure Itch And Irritation With Oatmeal Soap

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Pure vegetable based oatmeal soap is naturally antiseptic and benefits the skin in ways that are just in time for the season of insects. 

1.  Exfoliate - effectively remove dead skin cells.

2. Stop Irritation and Itching - cure itching caused by dermatitis with regular use. It also treats irritation caused by poison ivy and eczema.

3.  Remove Dark Circles - rid yourself of dark circles under your eyes by washing your face with oatmeal soap.

4. Smooth Wrinkles and Make Skin Firm - oatmeal soap helps your skin hold on to moisture so it keeps your skin firm and elastic.
5.  Treat Acne - since oatmeal soap exfoliates the skin gently, washing your face with it can open the head of a pimple and let the dirt out. This effectively cures the pimple!
6.  Stay Fresh - oatmeal is known to absorb odor and keep you smelling fresh even in the sweaty summer season!  
7.  Remove Oil - oil secretion is lowered when you use oatmeal soap daily.  Oatmeal restores your skin's natural pH balance and takes extra oil out of the skin but does not dry you out. 

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