Love, Light and Peace Even After The Election

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Djembe For Love, Light and Peace Each Day

Even after the election, even during the holiday season, my choice each day is to be at ease and to express love, light and peace.  
This year’s election results are especially concerning.  Many of us worry about what a potentially racist, misogynist or xenophobic administration will mean.  While a lot of those who support the president elect claim they are not and do not relate to those negatives, what strikes me is how easily they overlooked the absurdly negative elements.
Why non-racist people would allow themselves to be used by someone aligned with the KKK is beyond me.  The results are enough to create stress and worry.  On top of that, the final six weeks of the year always present particular stresses.
Even so, we must choose to spread love, light and peace each day. 
How does your inner voice remain one of peace and reassurance? 
Is it possible to develop an inner calm that allows us to remain steady in the storm? 

Drumming is one of the ways I develop my faith.

Natural light, nature and the repetition of a simple rhythm can bring on a deep mindfulness and meditation.  
Being present with rhythm allows me to relax in faith that situations resolve themselves as they should. 
Anxieties dissolve when faith is real.  
Drumming is one way of connecting to source and developing faith. Djembe are sometimes described as "the drum of a thousand voices."  As I play, I add my voice to the call for unity, healing, understanding, love light and peace.  

What helps you choose love, light and peace?

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