Global Mamas: Shea Butter and Shea Soaps Handmade in Ghana

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It's no wonder that the women who make these West African Shea Butters and Soaps take pride in their work and the craft of making the perfect shea butter for use in soaps, creams and other products. Global Mamas Shea Soaps are unique, handmade in Ghana and produce results beyond cleansing to include anti-aging, soothing, smoothing and critical skin hydration.

Since I've switched to using shea butter soaps and African black soaps, my skin has been through a complete transformation. I can't decide if the best thing is how much love and care these soaps are made with and how that warmth comes through with each use or if it is the fact that supporting these women supports villages, children, education and self sufficient living in a region of the world that most certainly deserves our support. 

The Global Mamas collective is based in Ghana, West Africa. They preserve the local and traditional artistry in time-tested techniques to create shea butter soap and skin care items. LACS partners with Global Mamas because supporting and purchasing their Soaps is a way to treat your skin, aid sustainable development in West Africa and help maintain traditional African artistry in one single swoop. 

Watch the video below to learn about the process of shea butter production!  

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