Drumming Is For All of Us!!

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I can't think of a culture on the planet that doesn't have a drumming tradition. People from all walks of life have enjoyed the benefits of drumming throughout the ages. The universal language of music has the power to transform and to erase the boundaries of gender, age, nationality, race and language. Drumming is something that anyone can do without needing any special talents or ability - you don't have to read music or study music theory.  You can just get a drum and tap out the rhythm you feel.  Many people are turning to drum therapy for treating arthritis, physical injury, behavior and emotional issues, brain injuries and a lot more.  

is even a growing body of research to show that drumming lowers blood pressure and stress.  I mean, who hasn't wanted to hit something when stressed? But it can also be a part of a meditation or retreat to one's inner world to sit, breathe and visualize while taping out a simple rhythm.  De-stressing can improve immune function and make you healthier.
Hand drumming with an instrument that is handmade from authentic material strengthens the connection to nature.  Getting physical with a handmade djembe can be more than a diversion from other life stresses.  It is a way to connect to that great earth-heart-beat sound.  

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