Djembe Building Workshop In Macon

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There's nothing like owning your own handmade djembe!  Join us on March 25th from 10:30 to 6:00 at Fresh Produce Music Hall in Macon, Georgia to put the finishing touches on your very own handmade djembe in a drum making workshop with William Rodriguez of Archaic Roots.

Rodriguez, a shamanic drummer and instrument builder based in Lakemont Georgia, regularly leads workshops to teach participants how to put the head on the djembe.  While he usually works in north Georgia, he's bringing this unique chance to Macon on March 25th. Handmade djembe embody the spirit of the tree that the shell was carved from, the animal whose skin is used to create the drum head and the energy of the builder.




Infuse Your Own Spirit Into Your Djembe

Rodriguez will show you how to put the finishing touches on your very own handmade djembe and in no time, you'll create a one-of-a-kind drum and complete a harmony of spirits from the west Africa to Macon Georgia! During the workshop, you will receive your choice of hand-carved drum shell from Ghana or the Ivory Coast and learn to tighten the goat skin cover onto the shell. By the end of the workshop,you'll know how to tune and care for your djembe and meet with others who can form drum circles locally.


For information about registering for the workshop, click here !

Ghana Kit - $205 - $125 due when registering; pay the remaining $80 on the day of of the workshohp.

Ivory Coast Djembe Kit - $295 - $200 due when registering; pay the remaing $95 on the day of the workshop.

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