LACS is making a pledge to support black owned and other minority owned businesses, whenever possible.

For years I've gone out of my way to support black owned and other minority owned businesses.  I believe that not only black people but anyone who is "woke" should support minority owned businesses.  It may take a little time and effort to locate businesses to support, but there are growing lists and introductions coming available as more people "wake up" to the reality that not only can financial independence equate real change for our community but that it may also be the most effective way to move forward in solidarity while calling for justice. 

LACS will begin profiling and recommending black owned businesses. Join us in strengthening our communities by supporting the entrepreneurial, hard workers and go-getters who offer quality products and services.

The goal is not to polarize but to use our community buying power with purpose and awareness.  Check out this interview on the topic of Buying Black and look for LACS's first business introduction coming soon!

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