When It Comes To Hydration Skip The Quickie, Get Long Lasting Penetration With Body Butter!

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Lotions add quick moisture but 100% Shea Butter goes deeper and lasts longer!

In particular, all-natural Shea Butter is ideal because it is an intensive moisturizer.  Shea Butter has a very low water content compared to creams and lotions.

Lotion is good for moisture in a flash but often doesn't last past the first hand washing while shea butter, penetrates and may only need to be applied once a day.  This is because 100% pure Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, while lotions are made from oil and water.

Since 100% Shea Butter is unprocessed and is loaded with completely natural oils, it actually seals moisture in.  When applied just after the shower or before bed, it can mean fewer problems with dry or ashy legs, knees and elbows in any season!

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