Why Shea Butter?

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There is a type of boom for natural products these days including those with shea butter. Shea Butter is used as an
Anti-aging skin enhancer                                        
Soothing agent for irritated skin
Muscle relaxer                                                        
Massage enhancer
Wrinkle reducer                                                      
Hair conditioning and protectant
Slight UV ray blocker                                             
Skin elasticity promoter


For me, it’s the smooth, soothing sensation it leaves on my skin.  My skin feels nourished and moisturized without any of the stickiness or greasiness that can result from other 

skin products.  When I started using   shea butter on my skin, I could immediately feel the deep and penetrating effects. But what really had me sold is the long lasting impact I saw over time.   My skin feels more resilient and softer at the same time – soft but strong.  In the winter months, I enjoy the enduring hydration of the shea butter balms and lotions and in summer months, I rely on shea butter as a skin smoothing treatment to keep my skin nice and presentable - no ashy elbows here ;-) .

If you haven’t already, try these shea butter uses:

  1. Massage balm for tired back and shoulder muscles
  2. Apply after shaving to achieve softnesss and relieve irritability from razors
  3. Rub into feet before and after work, walking, standing for long times
  4. Deep-condition your hair by mixing shea butter with your favorite conditioner
  5. Whiten and clean teeth
  6. Sooth insect bites and stings with a shea butter rub
  7. Treat your feet and hands to overnight shea hydration to enhance your beauty sleep
  8. Smooth hair in-place with a touch of shea butter
  9. Strengthen finger nails and cuticles
  10. Reduce and prevent stretch marks
  11. Speed healing time for cuts, scars and burns
  12. Relieve itchy skin
  13. Add to a hot bath to balance the moisture in your skin
  14. Rejuvenate sun-worn skin
  15. Heal eczema or rash

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