100% Pure and Natural Shea Butter: Winter Treat for Smooth, Healthy Summer Feet

‘Tis the season for longer, thicker socks, boots and shoes that prevent slips and falls on cold winter ground.  But spring and summer will return in just a few months, you’ll want to wear sandals or go barefoot without reservation.  A shea butter regimen can help make sure there’s nothing to stop you from showing off toes and smooth heels when the weather warms up.

Many know shea butter as the super food for skin and indeed the list of shea butter benefits is long.  The essential fatty acids, vitamin E and D, pro-vitamin A and allantoin in shea butter provide nutrition and protection for your skin. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and its high vitamin A content promotes healing, disinfects and soothes broken, chapped skin that can develop on feet.


Apply the shea butter all over feet after cleaning them or after soaking them in a foot bath. Pay special attention to dry and cracked areas.  Wear socks to optimize how shea butter is absorbed into the skin.

The 100% pure and natural shea butter sold by LACS nourishes and repairs skin all over the body and you may be particularly surprised by how it smoothes and heals dry, cracked skin on the feet. Don’t settle for commonly sold products that contain just a small amount of processed shea butter along with a lot of chemicals and compounds that significantly reduce the healing properties of natural shea butter. Only pure shea butter keeps ALL of its healing properties.

Get 100% pure and natural shea butter that is produced the same way people in Africa have done for centuries from LACS!



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